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    “Waterfront city zone” is a phrase that is surfacing more often in the print and online media.

    It started after the launch of a number of large-scale shoreline developments in recent times and some also commenced selling their products for purchase.

    Extended proprietorship, a established eco-system and attractive enterprise chances are fueling interest from investors.

    Specialists claim the concept of ocean-front real estate has changed and currently covers not only estates and condo hotels but also many other kinds of housing products like flats, estates and townhouses with enduring ownership just like elsewhere.

    They are targeting the significantly expanding middle-income and high-income and ultra-wealthy groups.

    Several homes desire to own vacation homes on the coast to get away from the pollution in metropolises but also to invest or take a risk.



    This nation is blessed with a 3,260 km seacoast and over 3,000 islands. The serpentine nation has over 125 beaches, most of that are highly attractive, such as Da Nang City, that was selected by Forbes magazine as one among the most beautiful coastal areas globally.

    The country features numerous unspoiled bays, beautiful caves and verdant tropical archipelagos. 7 of the country’s 13 globally recognized heritage sites are located along the coast, as including a total of six of its 8 biosphere reserves, and many of its national reserves and wildlife conservation zones are clustered in coastal areas. It also includes two of the most scenic bays globally, Ha Long Bay and Nha Trang region.


    Settlements are firmly rooted in coastal areas and have created island and sea cultures that include cultural festivals, cuisine and distinct local traits, which can be used to develop the tourism industry, infrastructure and transport networks.

    Government measures

    The coastal economy is one of Vietnam’s key sectors with 28 seaside areas being a part of it. These areas and municipalities make up greater than 47 percent of the nation’s GDP, and this is foreseen to expand to 65 to 70 percent by 2030 as planned in a comprehensive plan revealed by the state in March this year.

    The blueprint, for 2021 to 2025, is part of the efforts to implement Resolution 36-NQ/TW ratified in 2018 by the Party Central Committee of Vietnam on the sustained growth of the maritime economy with the objective of transforming Vietnam into a state with a powerful coastal economy.

    The scheme offers six primary solutions for ocean governance and littoral management like developing the oceanic and coastal economy; elevating the standard of living for people, and advancing coastline cultures, science and technology, technological development, and workforce.

    Its chief solution is to fund visitor infrastructure in key coastal areas and islands, establish major tourism hubs and promote ecological, adventure and community-centric tourism.

    Analysts stated these policies have contributed to attracting a considerable investment in coastal property development.

    Market need

    Sea sightseeing represents almost 70 per cent of vacationing operations in Vietnamese, and it’s increasingly luring both of the foreign as well as regional travelers.

    Based on the VNAT, the quantity of non-local visitors visiting seaside locations has been growing continuously in recent years, and they currently make up eighty percent of the overall count of international visitors to the region. The proportion is 50% for regional travelers.

    In Vietnamese, medical tourism is increasing rapidly.

    Medical tourism covers a diverse array of wellness-centered sightseeing ranging from preventative and health-conductive treatment to rehabilitative and therapeutic methods of tourism. Well-being travel is a linked sector.

    Beachfront urban areas are selected by people seeking health-focused travel.

    Pristine landscapes, economical prices and excellent amenities are a few of the advantages of Viet Nam’s seaside property category.

    These features have been drawing capitalists for a long time to the seaside, and a series of urban areas and towns has grown vigorously, providing significant contributions to the state’s economic and social growth, professionals noted.

    As a result, most shoreline areas and municipalities already have or are planning to have vast urban regions, even megacities, with a variety of real estate offerings and facilities on offer.

    A decade ago beach homes on shorelines were viewed as a indulgence meant only for the rich. But with salaries growing significantly, a second home or vacation house now attracts more and more buyers.


    Phan said constructors of seaside urban developments must think of how to integrate their ventures with transport networks and tourist amenities to become truly enticing to stakeholders and convenient for tourists.

    Contemporary seaside cities must be designed together with conveniences and provisions for commerce, recreation and amusement and health services.

    Only large developers with significant financial resources, persistence and vision could do this.

    However, many housing businesses appear to be willing to take a long-term approach.

    What is with regard to the administration’s responsibility?

    The present coastal metropolitan development spree has had negative impacts on the natural world and caused social issues due to a deficiency in concrete expansion plans.

    The swift surge in population is affecting coastal and oceanic ecosystems.

    Professionals reported countries worldwide have their methods for developing coastal urban areas, and Vietnam too has created its own plan very early.

    Yet the present unsupervised development of coastal metropolitan regions is resulting in a loss of nature’s resources and affecting the environment.

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